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Welcome to the world of Bungo the Funky Monkey, where positivity and kindness reign supreme! Bungo is a lovable and upbeat primate who loves nothing more than spreading good vibes and helping kids navigate the ups and downs of life.

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Funky monkey has a party

Bungo is having a party, and all his friends are invited

Bungo Adventures In Kindness

Bungo is on his quest to spread kindness throughout the jungle

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We are proud to announce that adventures in kindness has been award the prestigious moms choice award and a 5 star rating from readers choice awards
About author

Jeffrey Morgan

Meet Jeff, a loving parent of four beautiful children and a dedicated family man. With a rich background in coaching & youth sports organization, Jeff has always valued hard work and determination. Throughout his life, Jeff has faced many challenges and overcome them through perseverance and a strong belief in family and community. In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his children and instilling in them the same core values that have guided him throughout his own life: honesty, kindness, and a sense of responsibility to others. Jeff is excited to share his experiences and values through this children’s e-book and hopes it will inspire young readers to strive for their own dreams and make a positive impact in the world.

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Why Monkeys

The reason I use monkeys in storytelling is that many children can relate to them. Stuffed monkeys equate to comfort and safety, just like teddy bears. They can help children handle emotions, stress, and provide a sense ...

Helping children navigate difficult times

As parents and caregivers, we all want to protect our children from the challenges and difficulties of life. But the reality is that no matter how hard we try, our ...